Immigration is a contentious topic in the United States right now, especially as our immediate past president attempted to implement an executive ban on certain countries’ immigration. Yet immigration remains essential to the US economy as new citizens enrich our culture and contribute to innovation and growth. Here are some tips for getting affordable immigration consultants in Calgary, AB.

Finding a Qualified Attorney

Seeking legal assistance can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Not only is learning the immigration laws complex, but finding an experienced attorney in your area may prove challenging as well. To ensure the best results in your case, try this article on immigration law firms for some helpful resources.

Locate a Certified Notary or Translator

Although not everyone may require the services of a certified translator or notary, these professionals can be invaluable when trying to interpret documents written in another language that you do not speak. Locating certified translators and notaries is easier than you might think; there are numerous translation services in America and the US Department of State has extensive information regarding this subject.

Make Sure You Have Everything Ready

Immigration can be a time-consuming task that involves filling out numerous documents and forms. Translation into English for submission to immigration services takes both time and money if you’re not prepared, so make sure all your documents are organized in one place, translated, printed and ready for submission to immigration officials. You may need to have these translated for your attorney as not all attorneys speak every language; additionally, ensure all payment methods are available.

Comply with All Federal and Local Laws

Immigration services have a set of regulations you must abide by in order to be granted permanent residency or citizenship. The SS-5 application form contains these rules, but they’re also easily accessible online. Make sure you adhere to all these laws for a smooth process.

Each Form Submitted Has a Unique Number

Each application or petition you submit for permanent residency or citizenship has a unique number assigned. This can be beneficial in the future when using multiple services that require reference to these numbers.

Use a Professional

Navigating the immigration process on your own can be a time-consuming and overwhelming endeavor. Outsourcing this task to someone with expertise makes it much simpler – having someone do it for you simplifies everything significantly.