Be careful since many merchants sell invalid product keys or keys that expire after a specified period of time. These, often known as “Grey Market Keys,” are acquired through unauthorized distribution methods. It is crucial to select a reputable and trusted seller in order to prevent these frauds.

Why Do They Cost So Little?

Cheap Windows 10 and Windows 7 keys are not being obtained from Microsoft directly by the websites offering them. Some of these keys merely originate from nations where Windows licenses are less expensive. “Gray market” keys are what people refer to as. Although they could be genuine, they were offered at a lower price in other nations. For instance, China used to have substantially cheaper Windows keys.

With credit card numbers that were taken, further keys may have been purchased. A fraudster gets hold of certain credit card data, buys a lot of Cheap windows 11 Reddit, and then sells them on discount websites. Microsoft deactivates the keys and those Windows installs are no longer enabled when the credit cards are reported as stolen and the chargebacks take place, but the thief escapes with the money customers paid for them.

Some keys can be fake copies of educational keys meant for kids. Other keys might be “volume license” keys, which cannot be sold separately. You may just be buying a completely false key from shady sources, or you might be buying a key that has already been used to pirate Windows on several computers and has been prohibited by Microsoft. The credit card details you use to purchase the key may even be stolen by a particularly malicious website, which would then be used to restart the credit card fraud scam. cheap software keys reddit only sells retail keys, unlike many other vendors who sell illegal OEM keys or MaK volume keys that put you at risk of deactivation by Microsoft.

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These Keys Are Not Authentic

These keys are simply fakes. You can be helping thieves of credit card numbers if you buy them. Alternately, you can be rewarding those who take advantage of student aid programs and promoting their closure. There is no way a $12 Windows product key could have been purchased legally, as we all know. It’s simply not feasible. Even if you are lucky and your new key does continue to function indefinitely, buying these keys is immoral.

Anywhere You See a Cheap Key, Be Wary

The keys in question may frequently be obtained on key marketplaces like G2A (G2deal), Kinguin, and several other smaller websites. These websites also offer the purchase of gray-market video game keys, which have an unknown provenance and are subject to future revocation. A good analysis of the issue with gray market game keys can be found on the gaming website Polygon.

However, a lot of websites may have this issue. User markets are sites like, eBay, and Craigslist, where you may frequently discover vendors offering Windows 10 or Windows 7 product keys for much too little money.