Any home is proud to have screen enclosures, sometimes known as screen rooms. They provide homeowners with several benefits and can transform an outdated patio into a contemporary, useful, and aesthetically beautiful outdoor area. You’re considering buying screen enclosures in Oldsmar, then. Screen enclosures provide a fantastic way to expand the living space of the home and add significant value to the property, which can be great for your home

Additionally, residents can enjoy being outside without being troubled by pests, insects, or bad weather. One option to maintain your privacy outside is to establish a covered area where you can set up an outdoor living space that will enhance the beauty and convenience of your home.

Different types of screen enclosures

  • Under-truss Screen enclosures

They are sometimes referred to as screened lanais. These screen enclosures are constructed inside the truss roof openings that already exist. As you can see, I mentioned the truss roof. When constructed beneath a roof that is not a truss roof, there might be variances. The screening enclosure is erected on the existing footprint and is covered by the roof of a house, so there is no concrete work or aluminum “roof” that needs to be installed. Simple fabrication is used to create the aluminum structure to fit the opening size for a screen door. Any screen material, including polyester and fiberglass, is acceptable.


Similar to a pool cage, roof enclosures built of screens have an entirely screened roof. They feature screen mesh mounted to the top of structural aluminum roofing. Typically, they are an addition to the main roof. While providing lots of natural light, they also offer bug and mosquito protection.

  • Roof Hip

Hip roofs resemble mansards, with one exception: A hip doesn’t have a flat middle. The hip instead slopes upward from all sides and comes together at the top. Hip enclosure roofs offer more aerodynamic drag during storms because of their slopes. Additionally, they provide the impression of being higher than a mansard roof.

Due to their high popularity as house additions, screen enclosures will raise your property’s market value. In fact, of all home renovation projects, a screen room has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI).