Ostarine is an experimental chemical with the name MK-2866. It is a non-steroidal SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that may enhance lean mass while having the negative side effects of conventional anabolic steroids. Ostarine is not permitted for use in humans, according to the US FDA, which defines it as an “investigational medication. However, it is accessible to researchers and well-liked by amateur and expert bodybuilders.


Ostarine is prohibited by all major sporting organizations, including the World Anti-Doping Agency, due to its ability to improve athletic performance (WADA). Even when you are on a calorie-restricted diet, ostarine MK-2866 guards the muscles. During the Ostarine cycle, higher physical energy and slight weight loss are predictable; this may cause you to reconsider Sarms and what they are capable of.

It is a selective androgen receptor modulator, a class of medication (SARM). Although not FDA-approved, it can occasionally be found in supplements. Ostarine binds to androgen receptors, which are body proteins. Ostarine instructs muscles to develop when it connects to this receptor. Ostarine is used by people for a variety of diseases, including breast cancer, spontaneous weight loss as a result of sickness, and athletic performance, however, there isn’t any solid scientific proof to back these claims.

Since ostarine is an experimental medicine, the US FDA has not given it any usage approval. Despite this, it can occasionally be discovered in nutritional supplements, especially those that are promoted for bodybuilding.


MK 2866 is recommended by professionals as the tool of choice for body muscle toning and preserving a good body composition. However, supporters who have directly used Ostarine assert that it has far more potent fat-burning properties. It increases anabolic hormone balance.