He has figured out his purpose in business and has put all his effort into it. His unselfishness makes him stand out from the crowd, as he chooses to share his success with others by publishing his ‘Digital Course Secrets’ book. Under finance.yahoo.com, he teaches others how to Go Now generate and market their online courses. He offers his online courses and trains others on how to do so.

It is so important for Kevin to share his testimonials so that others will not have to face the same challenges he has faced. Life is an echo, as the saying goes, and his actions have paid off as people have shared his courses, making even the sceptics like them, leading to him earning more income Go Now. Aside from affiliate marketing, Kevin is also active in the field of affiliate marketing, a concept in which you recommend products and services to potential customers to influence them.

While this is a difficult job that requires the individual to be knowledgeable about things like blogging and keyword research, it is also well-paid, a characteristic associated with Kevin since it depends on the individual’s efforts. One good example of this is when it is said that even though he has a degree in accounting, he does not create theoretical courses related to his field.


Despite this, he develops practical courses based on what he has learned. It is because of this that he is at an advantage when it comes to affiliate marketing. Furthermore, the main source of his wealth is his online digital courses. Through this avenue, he can generate income, teaching people how to sell products with very little overhead and with no physical product.

In addition, Kevin has become an extremely popular brand due to his work. In this business model, he does not have to worry about stock management, and the profits are phenomenal. He offers a variety of courses, including Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass, Shopify Ninja Masterclass, and Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass, to name but a few.

His model can be traced back to his brand called THATLifestyleNinja. This project enables people to become entrepreneurs by opening their online businesses, which can pay them more than their regular salaries due to the project. According to entrepreneur.com, THATLifestyleNinja assists others in doing business online by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.