The modern world revolves around electricity. When your electricity goes out, contact electricians in Gastonia, NC for prompt and easy service. We supply electrical services in Gastonia, Kings Mountain, Bessemer City, and the neighbouring areas, lets move on to power generators, what would happen to your company if the electricity went out?

Would it continue to run, or would it come to a halt? Adding a power generator to your commercial property can help you stay open in the case of short- or long-term power outages.

What Is a Power Generator?

If a power outage, a generator serves as a backup source of electricity. This is conducted by converting source fuel (gasoline, diesel, or natural gas) to mechanical energy and then to electrical power. Having a standby generator ensures that your company or organisation will never be forced to close due to a power loss.

Power Generator Types:

Portable and backup generators are the two types of generators that might aid your business survive a power outage.

  • Generators that are portable

An electrician can wire portable business generators into a subpanel or just attach extension cables to equipment. Portable generators can only power necessities like lights, freezers, and some computers.

  • Backup Generators

Standby generators are permanently found outside the building and begin automatically during power outages, preventing electrical service disruptions. They run on natural gas or propane, are quieter than portable units, and can power anything in your business.

Potential Generator Issues:

Generators, like any other engine, require routine repair and maintenance. The following are the most typical reasons for contacting an electrician to service your business generator:

  • Failure of the battery:

This is the most typical reason for requiring power generator service. Sulphate build-up on the battery terminals, shorts, open cells, a tripped charger breaker, charger failure, or loose or unclean connections can all cause battery failure.

  • Coolant is running low:

External and internal coolant leaks, blocked radiators, and other factors can cause a power generator to overheat and fail.

  • Block Heater Fault:

Because they are used so regularly, block heaters commonly fail, resulting in a low coolant temperature alert.

Mr electrician of Gastonia at rescue!

Mr electrician of Gastonia can securely connect your generator to the transfer switch and wire it straight to your business’s service panel. This appropriately disconnects you from the grid and guarantees that electricity is only sent to specific circuits, preventing overloading of your generator, back feeding, fire, and other safety hazards.